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(When Tara woke up after her first death, her initial reaction was to throw her quilt covers off and gasp for air. Dying from radiation poisoning is horrible, and the slow death had definitely hit her hard. Things get even more confusing for her when she notices that she's back in her bed, totally healthy and alive. She scrambles for the curtains; the sight of Mayfield, back to normal, both relieves her and scares her.)

Action: 625 Topper Street and around

(Tara's inching out the door of her house nervously. She keeps looking around, half-expecting a cannibal to pop out of nowhere. There's a box out on the doorstep that has her name on it though, so she HAS to go out. Unwrapping it where she stands, her apprehension changes to surprise, then happiness, and then sadness as she stares at the photograph of her and her father that Mayfield had just sent to her.

If you're around, you'll notice her staring glumly at the picture. Wanna ask her how she's feeling?)

Action: Mayfield High
(She seems out of it today. Instead of studiously taking notes like usual during class, she just seems to be staring out the window vacantly, her pencil idly tracing around her books. Teachers may need to grab her attention before they'll get even a reaction out of her, while fellow classmates are free to ask her what's wrong.)

Ummm...hi, this might sound like a weird question to ask but...does anyone have any practice swords or something that I can borrow?
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Waking up to an apocalyptic world is never the best thing to wake up to. Especially when she gets the nagging feeling that she's seen something like this before. The first day had not been too bad though; she'd just been wandering around town trying to look for friends or the Titans, or even her housemate, Sniper. She could worry about why this whole scene seemed familiar to her later. Right now, it was more important that she made sure everyone else was alright.

However with the coming of the second day people might see Tara running as she's being chased by three of the crazy cannibals. She's doing an alright job out-running them so far, but she has limits to her stamina. The small sack of things that she's managed to scavenge from around is also weighing her down; coupled with the fact that she hasn't eaten properly in nearly a whole day, it's more than a dead weight. The nagging feeling from yesterday has now manifested itself as a pounding headache too, and that's not helping her concentration.

She needs help, and fast.


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